EmilyDates Review

Emilydates is an Australian-based dating website where singles come with a clear understanding of what they expect from their prospective partners. The demands are normally evidently stated either in the profile details. If you’re looking for a serious relationship that may last a lifetime, this site could be a great place.

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Leading Latin Dating Site With Over 3 Million Members

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It’s true that the concept behind sugar daddy dating may look a little too straightforward. However, once you go deeper, you’ll see that it could be even better than a regular search for love.

EmilyDates is a famous, reliable, and unceasingly developing a website. It has a big database, and it gets bigger day by day.

Advantages of EmilyDates

List of Pros

  • AffordableFees
  • High-quality service
  • Smart functions and features
  • Several communications tool

List of Cons​

  • Not very ideal for those who are not planning to use it all the time

How the Service Works

This site is a decent platform for sugar dating, which offers all the essential services to those who want to search for a relationship that can be beneficial for both parties. You are able to use it if you are looking for a woman who’d be fine to spend her time with you within the terms you prefer. EmilyDates is a highly trustworthy venue that helps you to find an ideal partner.

Sign up Process

EmilyDates - Sign up

Signing up on EmilyDates is quick, free, and easy. So, within a few minutes after creating your profile, you can start connecting with people looking for a lover. However, there’s a required verification process you have to go through.

It’s a part of their safety measure to make sure that only real people use the site. The site team does not want to have any fake account that can be a budding threat to the other members on the site. The scam protection is of the best things about Emilydates.com, and you can easily file a report on the site as soon as you notice something sketchy going on in the site.

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Leading Latin Dating Site With Over 3 Million Members

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Messaging system

The website allows its users to freely communicate through chats, emails, as well as instant messages. If you choose to see the lady in person, the website can even help you set up and organize the meetup or date.


When navigating the site, searching for specific members would be easy with its filter feature. It is very comfortable because, on the site, you’re allowed to filter the female accounts by based on a specific location, age, and other specifics.

Normally, you pick a lady to date based on appearance, you can also search them by their physical look. Eye and hair color, weight and height – you are able to choose a girl based on anything you want.

Furthermore, because money matters when it comes to in sugar dating, you are able to filter the ladies based on their expectations. It’s necessary for sugar babies to say how much allowance they expect to receive, so, you will see right away whether or not you can afford dating the women listed.

Reliability and Safety

Reliability and Safety - EmilyDates

Again, one of the site’s main priority is to protect your private information. The site has a team of experts who work carefully in order to make sure that your personal information isn’t shared to a third party.

But then again, you must also use your common sense as there are features the site can’t really cover. Before the site can protect you, you must protect yourself first. So, be careful with the information you share with the ladies you meet on the site. Besides that, sugar daddy websites are hardly visited by scammers since here it’s really hard to steal money due to the whole idea of having a mutually beneficial relationship. On top of that, every member has to go to some sort of verification before they get accepted on the site.

Help & Support

If you happen to have any questions about the site, or there is anything you want to report, or simply need assistance about anything, the customer support will be there to help you. The customer service is very prompt with their response and available to help you whenever you need any sort of consultation. So, if you have any concerns about anything related to their site, you can assure that you will get answered.


Membership is free for women. For men, on the other hand, there’s a credit package system available for sugar daddies who want to make the most of the site. You are able to buy credits in packs and then use it up on the form of communications you want to use.

The average pricing is the following:

  •  25 credits = $49.99
  •  50 credits = $59.99
  •  150 credits = $124.99
  •  500 credits -=$299.99

As you see on their pricing, the more credits you acquire, the cheaper it is going to be for you. However, it is all up to you, how many credits you are going to buy. In all fairness, you are able to spend pretty many credits on the messages, so you may want to think twice before deciding which package you are going to buy.

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Leading Latin Dating Site With Over 3 Million Members

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Mobile App

Unfortunately, EmilyDates does not have a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. However, it does not spoil the pleasure of using it. You can still access the dating site using your mobile browser.


EmilyDates is a great site whether you are looking for a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. All the things there are established to help you, and the stuff honestly does the job. It carries impressive service to the users and makes sure the data of its users is protected at all costs. It has a great and reliable anti-scam system, so you will have peace of mind while browsing through it. EmilyDates is worth a try, so try it out, and who knows, you might find here what you are looking for.